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Looking for an aesthetic treatment to restore your teeth ? Get a veneer treatment at our dental clinic in Addis Ababa. Call us to schedule an appointment and get treated by our experienced dentists. 

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What is a veneer ?

A veneer is a very thin coating (about 0.5mm) of dental material that is bonded to the outer surface of the teeth. It is a durable and painless prosthodontic treatment that give a more aesthetic appearance to natural teeth.

Reasons to get dental veneers

Dental veneers are for people who wish to correct their teeth shape, color, size or angle for aesthetic reasons.

Veneers are recommended to : 

  • Restore the natural color of teeth that have lost their brightness;
  • Restore a homogeneous shape to teeth;
  • Correct the alignment of teeth that are too far apart (diastemas), etc.

Reasons NOT to get dental veneers

You may not be suited for a veneer treatment if :

  • You have teeth that are too decayed or fragile that require a dental crown instead of a veneer;
  • Untreated clenching or teeth grinding, which can damage or even break the veneers.

Types of veneers

Veneers can be made of two materials:

  • Dental porcelain ⇒ Porcelain veneers
  • Composite resin ⇒ Composite resin veneers

Indications for veneers – When do you need them ?

  • Veneers are an effective treatment for the restoration of the original size of a decayed, stained, cracked or broken tooth;
  • A veneer treatment can help improving the aesthetic appearance of a smile by standardizing the color, shape, angle or size of teeth;
  • A veneer can also be used for reduction or camouflage of unwanted interdental spaces (diastemas);
  • Finally, dental veneers are used for concealment of enamel defects (hypoplasia).

Advantages of porcelain veneers

  • Porcelain veneers are biocompatible, means the porcelain material is a healthy material and it is in harmony with the body;
  • Veneers made with porcelain are resistant to stains caused by drinking dark liquids, such as coffee and wine, or by the consumption of tobacco products;
  • Porcelain veneers does not change color over time;
  • And this type of veneer also lasts longer in general than composite veneers.

Advantages of composite resin veneers

  • Faster results, since installation is usually done in one appointment;
  • More economical than porcelain veneers;
  • Treatment is sometimes reversible or conservative depending on the preparation of the tooth.
  • The material can be removed (reversible);
  • The preparation of the teeth is minimal (conservative);
  • They can be easily repaired in case of breakage.

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Price of dental veneers

The price of dental veneers depends on several elements:

  • The needs and requirements of the patient;
  • The number of veneers to be applied;
  • The technique used, etc.

This is why a clear and adapted estimate will be provided to you beforehand at our dental clinic in Addis Ababa.

Overview of the veneer treatment procedure

Porcelain veneers

porcelain-veneersThe procelain veneer treatment is performed in two phases :

First Phase

  • Your teeth are prepared to support the treatment;
  • After that, the dental professional will take images and scans of your teeth for the fabrication of your veneers in the laboratory;
  • Then, the dentist will remove a thin layer of enamel (sometimes done under local anesthesia) to make space for the veneers to fit perfectly with you dentition;
  • He/she will proceeed after that to the installation of temporary veneers. These require special attention, as they are fragile (changes in eating and drinking habits can happen).

Second Phase

  • When you permanent venners are ready, th dentist will schedule you another appointment for the removal of the temporary veneers;
  • He/she will proceed to the preparation your the teeth and;
  • Install the permanent veneers with composite resin cement over your natural teeth;
  • The dentist will make final adjustment of occlusions and polish the veneers to give them a natural look.

Composite resin veneers

composite-resin-veneer-on-going-treatmentHere is an image of an ongoing treatment of composite veneer. The blue part is the composite resin product. When it becomes dry, the composite veneer color changes to white like a tooth.

The process:

  • Step 1: Preparation of the teeth;
  • Step 2 : On-site fabrication of composite resin veneers by the dentist directly on your teeth
  • Step 3 : Bite adjustment and veneer polishing.

Drawbacks of veneers

In general

  • Veneers remain an expensive treatment because several teeth are often involved;
  • Dental problems, such as cavities, can occur if the veneers are not properly maintained or if they come off the teeth;
  • Tooth whitening may be necessary before considering treatment with veneers, as the color of the veneers is chosen according to the natural color of the adjacent teeth;
  • Aesthetic results depend greatly on the artistic skills of the dentist or prosthodontist who makes the veneers and on the complexity of the case to be treated.
  • If the veneer breaks or comes off, the treatment will have to be redone;
  • Veneers are not covered by all dental insurances since their function is mainly aesthetic.

Porcelain veneers

  • Porcelain veneers require more time to make than composite veneers;
  • Porcelain veneers are more expensive because of the need for laboratory work, among other things;
  • The porcelain veneer treatment is irreversible because part of the enamel must be grinded to place the veneers on the teeth;
  • When porcelain veneers break, they can hardly be repaired.

Composite resin veneers vs porcelain veneers

  • Composite veneers do not last as long as porcelain veneers;
  • Composite veneers are more prone than porcelain veneers to staining, loss of luster and color change;
  • Composite veneers are more fragile than porcelain veneers and may need to be replaced or altered.

How to maintain your dental veneers?

Veneers require the same type of care as natural teeth (brushing at least twice a day and flossing daily);

It is recommended to floss where the veneers have been placed;

You should be careful not to bite into hard objects to avoid breaking the veneers;

You should avoid biting his or her nails, the skin around the nails or using the teeth as tools (for example, to open bags);

If you have a habit of grinding or clenching your teeth, you should wear a protective appliance such as an occlusal plate or a rigid protective shell;

To ensure optimal results, it is essential to visit your dentist in Addis Ababa every six months for a cleaning and a routine examination.



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