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dental-bridges treatment in addis ababa

Get your dental bridge treatment in our dental clinic in Addis Ababa. Qualified dentists specialized in prosthodontics are available to restore your teeth. Get in touch with our dental clinic now to schedule an appointment. 

To schedule an appointment for a dental bridge installation, contact our dental clinic in Addis Ababa.

What is a dental bridge?

dental-bridges-front-teethA bridge, also called a fixed bridge or fixed denture, is a dental prosthesis that replaces one or more missing teeth.

It is usually made up of an artificial tooth attached between two crowns and extends from one end of the toothless area to the other (a crown is a hollow artificial tooth that is attached to a natural tooth or dental implant).

The bridge is held firmly in place by your teeth on either side of the missing tooth/teeth or by dental implants. It is permanently attached and cannot be removed.

Indications for bridge treatment

  • Bridges are are recommended to replace one or two missing teeth.
  • Dental bridges also help prevent the remaining teeth from misaligning by holding the teeth in their position;

Price of a dental bridge

The cost of dental bridges varies according to the number of teeth to be replaced. Visit our dental clinic in Addis Ababa for an examination of your teeth state and a precise price tailored for your case.

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Types of dental bridges

There are different types of dental bridges. Your dentist or prosthodontist will recommend the one that is best for you, depending on the location of the gap and the condition of your teeth, mouth and gums.

Traditional bridges

dental-bridges-back-teethTraditional bridges are used when natural teeth are still present on both sides of the gap.

Instead of a bridge, your dentist may recommend a single implant to replace the missing tooth that lies between two healthy teeth. With an implant, you avoid having to trim your healthy teeth to accommodate the crowns.

With a traditional bridge, the healthy teeth on either side of the missing tooth are trimmed to accommodate crowns.

Implant-supported bridges

implant-supported-dental-bridge Implant-supported bridges are used if you do not have healthy teeth or enough teeth to support a bridge, if you are missing several teeth or if you have no teeth left.

A custom-made bridge is attached to the dental implants. But your dentist will first determine if dental implants are right for you.

In the case of an implant-supported bridge, dental implants are surgically placed in the jaw. A custom-made bridge is attached to the dental implants.

Resin bonded bridges

Bonded bridges, also known as butterfly bridges, are used when the edentulous space is in the front of the mouth. In this case, the artificial teeth are attached together with metal bands or rings and cemented to the back of your natural teeth.

How long does a dental bridge last ?

Bridge prosthesis lasts an average of ten years. Its longevity depends on various factors, in particular the strength and health of the teeth that serve as support. If the jawbone is strong and the gums do not recede, if the bridge is well maintained and no decay develops on the abutment teeth, the bridge can last a very long time. 

Taking care of your dental bridge

If you take good care of your bridge, it should last about 10 years and beyond. As with natural teeth, you should brush and floss your bridge every day. Your dentist will show you how to use a floss threader to floss in the center of the bridge, under and around the artificial tooth or teeth. Regular dental checkups and professional cleanings are also essential. If you have an implant-supported bridge, your dentist at our dental clinic in Addis Ababa will show you how to care for it properly. 

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