Teeth Cleaning Treatment in Addis Ababa

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Do you need a professional teeth cleaning treatment in Addis Ababa ? Our dental clinic in Addis Ababa offers professional teeth cleaning treatment for adults and children. 

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Teeth cleaning procedure​

Dental cleaning is the dental procedure which involves the scaling of the teeth to remove plaque and tartar and also prophylaxis which is the act of polishing the teeth with a slightly abrasive paste to remove surface stain.

Teeth cleaning helps you keep your teeth healthy and your smile white and bright.

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Teeth cleaning is performed by your dental hygienist.

These oral health professionals have the skills, know-how and authorization to perform prophylactic procedures independently, i.e. without the presence of the dentist

Dental cleaning is a treatment that is recommended by expert dentists to be performed every 4, 6 or 12 months at least to maintain a good oral health.

What does the dental cleaning session looks like

For your first appointment with your dentist, it is recommended that you arrive a little early.

During this appointment, a thorough dental cleaning will be performed, and your dentist will proceed with a complete evaluation of your mouth.

Your dentist will meet with you near the end of your teeth cleaning session to perform the examination, make a diagnosis and present treatment recommendations.

Teeth cleaning and Dental Hygienist

The relationship with your dental hygienist is important because you will spend most of your dental cleaning appointment with him or her.

Before you even begin the cleaning, your dental hygienist will take the time to talk with you in order to :

  • Build trust;
  • Measure your stress level;
  • Learn about your predispositions (e.g., fear, financial limitations, previous traumatic experiences, etc.);
  • understand your needs and goals (e.g., having functional dentures, a more aesthetic mouth, etc.).

Many people feel nervous or fearful about dental care.

You can be confident that our dental hygienists in Addis Ababa will always listen to your needs and reassure you.

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Your dental hygienist will present you with all the information related to your situation, recommended treatments and possible alternatives.

Dentist and Dental hygienist

The dental hygienist, because he/she is familiar with your oral condition and financial situation, will often be able to act as a link between you and your dentist.

Here are two examples that illustrate this bond:

At the dental cleaning, a new patient reveals to the dental hygienist that he/she considers his/her dental health to be very important, but that his/her budget is limited.

When the dentist examines the patient, he or she discovers a very advanced cavity and has two options: a root canal with a crown or tooth extraction. 

Since root canal treatment is considerably more expensive than extraction, the patient may be encouraged to choose extraction.

However, the dental hygienist understands that the patient’s decision is probably based on a temporary financial condition and can advise the dentist of this.

The dentist can then inform the patient that a root canal is a multistep procedure and that the crown placement can be slightly delayed so that payment for all of these procedures can be spread over a longer period of time.

This will allow the patient to keep his or her teeth while respecting his or her financial condition.

If the dental hygienist knows that the patient is afraid of anesthesia, he or she will advise the dentist, who may, for certain treatments, prescribe a relaxant to the patient before the anesthesia



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